can you sense the whispers

of the turning seasons?


can you hear

the words of love murmuring

through bowers of fresh green

blossoming with life?


can you see

the Lady of the Flowers

dancing, adorned in daisy chains,

awaiting a shy caress?


can you smell

the aromas of aphrodisiac

perfumes, carried on tender breezes,

awakening sensuality?


can you feel

the Lord of the Hunt’s

youthful vigour, manifesting in

lengthening days?


can you taste

the ambrosia of youthful desire

enriched by dawn’s purity, in flight

on fledgling wings?


can you sense the whispers

of the turning seasons?


I just found this poem in my draft file. It has a nice positive feel to it, and, as that is something that I believe we’re all in need of during these difficult times, I thought I may as well share it. The pictures are some that I’ve taken on my recent walks around the village, down to the meadow, and into the little woodland.

I hope you like it.


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