walk along snow-dusted
fence lines,
lit by the fading light
and find peace amidst
the shadows, in the
embrace of the Winter’s chill
for now is the time of
dreaming, as
night begins its descent
and now is the time
for planning, as we await the
renewals of Spring
so walk along
snow-dusted fence lines,
lit by the fading light
and find peace amidst
the shadows, embracing
the Winter’s chill

snset view2

Unlike most of the UK, we’ve not had much snow this January – only a light sprinkling last week. I had to get out onto the Viking Way to catch the views out over the Lincolnshire countryside with the little that we did get, though.


For anyone who might be curious, the vapour trails in this final shot are the Red Arrows out practicing. They’re quite a common sight, though rarely close enough to catch on camera.

vapour trails



venture out

beyond ploughed fields

to rugged heathland




watch the day’s stresses

dissolve into evening’s

kaleidoscopic light




let nature’s balm

soothe the aching of a

fettered soul




explore paths

borne of myriad


I might not have been on my blog much recently, but I have still been getting out and about, exploring the countryside around our new village and taking lots of photographs. We’re lucky enough to have the route of a national footpath – the Viking Way – run through the village. I try to get out onto it as much as I can.

Spirits of the Water

laughter dances as


shimmer on water


gentle caresses

calm fears

into peaceful serenity


seductive voices


until sorrows drown


At the Water’s Edge

Sometimes, no words are needed.

The Journey

don’t give up

with every step your destination

grows nearer

bug on daisy2

I’ve spent a few mornings at the meadow recently, photographing the flowers and the insects and the birds. And anything else that catches my eye! I found this little creature particularly fascinating to watch. It was very determined to reach the edge of the daisy.

bug on daisy3

And, yes, the daisies are looking as beautiful as ever.

In case anyone is interested, I’ve recently started an instagram account. It’s connected to our environmental website, The Rooter, and is all about connecting with nature. So, if you’d like to see more of my photos, you can find me as @therooteruk.

Hard at work

Sometimes, no words are needed.

Bee on purple flowers8

The View Through the Haze

Sometimes, no words are needed.


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