The Rooter Weekly Round Up

Once a week I’ll be sharing some of the latest articles published on our website, The Rooter. This is an environmental news website, reporting on positive news stories, successes, green innovations and sustainable developments, and championing grassroots projects and campaigns.

I’d love for you all to pop on over and have a browse through some of the stories. Hopefully it will leave you feeling slightly more positive about what is happening in the world.

Are you ready to go wild?

June is a perfect month to get out and about. The days grow longer and the sun warmer. Flowers are in full bloom. Fledglings leave their nests. It’s easy to connect with nature at this time of the year, if you simply take a little time to do so. This is why the Wildlife Trust are challenging everyone to go #30DaysWild this June…


Eco events in June 2018

Are you considering heading out and about, or looking for ideas and inspiration for events and projects to take part in over the next few weeks? Here’s our monthly roundup of eco-themed events and activities, large and small, local, national, and global, taking place in June 2018.


The People v. Big Oil: the rise of the climate change litigation movement

When a group of 21 young people from the State of Oregon filed a constitutional climate lawsuit against the U.S. government in 2015, few could have envisioned a scenario where entire U.S. municipalities would be taking on the biggest fossil fuel companies, nor the rise of an entire climate litigation movement.


EU takes action on plastic


The announcement that the European Commission is to take new measures to tackle plastic pollution is welcomed by campaigners. But do these measures go far enough?


The world is your garden


Guerrilla gardeners are creating a little bit of happy wherever they go.




Conservation success at Eelmore Marsh

Eelmore Marsh is a place brimming with flora and fauna, but this biological diversity has not always been the case. Only after decades of intensive habitat restoration is the land flourishing once more. One particular creature benefiting from the improvements are the sand lizards: Britain’s rarest reptile.


Help #BeatPlasticPollution this World Environment Day

marine-debris-entangledturtle-e1527785878812-2144975484.jpgThe UN flagship day for promoting worldwide awareness and action for the environment is on June 5 2018. This year the theme is “Beat Plastic Pollution”. The event invites everyone to take action to reduce plastic waste and the burden of plastic pollution on our natural environment, our wildlife, and on human health.


Are you involved in an environmental project of some sort? We’d love for you to submit an article to The Rooter.





In the Long Grass

sunlight gilds long grass

blue sky intentions reach high

dreaming untethered


long grass andblue skies

At the water’s edge

Sometimes, no words are needed.

The Day’s End

Sometimes, no words are needed.

The Rooter has now been launched

Our new website is now live!

Last September my sister and I decided we wanted to set up an environmental website – one that would share only positive news stories rather than the doom and gloom that you so often find on news websites regarding the state of our planet. Yes, there are a lot of problems, but there are also a lot of solutions. A great many things are happening around the world, from grassroots projects, to technological innovations, that show that it is possible for us all to make a difference in our own way. We wanted to create a place that would make you feel hopeful about the future when you visited. And so, The Rooter was born.

It’s been a lot of hard work. We’ve written nearly 100 articles between the two of us, and had to teach ourselves how to build a website at the same time. We knew what we wanted the site to look like, we just didn’t know how to do it!

We’d love for you to come along and have a read. Here are a few articles you might like:

Discover Wildpoldsried, Germany’s renewable village

In Bavaria, Germany, there’s a village that produces five times more energy than it consumes. With rooftops covered in solar panels, an installation of wind turbines, and a range of other eco-friendly projects, Wildpoldsried is leading the way in renewable energy. Its successful sustainability strategy has provided a model for other German municipalities, as well as settlements around the world, to follow as they make the change from a dependence on fossil fuels to renewables…

How Sicilian oranges are made into clothes

Citrus orchards have been part of the Sicilian landscape since the fruit trees were introduced to the island by Muslim invaders from North Africa over 600 year ago. Their presence is deeply rooted in the local territory – in the climate and local conditions, and the traditional Sicilian way of life. In spring, the fresh scent of Zagara – orange blossom – wafts down the slopes of Mount Etna, as industrious bees gather pollen in evergreen groves. By late autumn those same trees are heavy with fruit…

A wander in search of windmills

Getting out into the countryside of my local area is something that I particularly enjoy doing. As we’ve recently moved to a new village, there are lots of places around and about for me to discover. I’d heard about the ruins of an old windmill out along a footpath linking our village to the next along the Lincolnshire Ridge. As the weather had turned pleasantly spring-like, I decided to go out and explore – with my camera in hand, of course…

Protection is in sight for our ancient woodland

Following a recent review of UK planning policy, changes have been proposed that will protect our ancient woodlands from further development and destruction. Your support is needed to make these proposals reality. Ancient trees, however, are being left out in the cold. By letting your opinion on this omission be known, we can all do our part to protect these irreplaceable habitats from harm…

As well as publishing articles written by us, we’re also hoping to receive submissions. Are you involved in a project that you’d like to write about? Or are you a keen walker who likes to get out and about, connecting with nature? We accept submissions on a range of different topics. If you’re interested, check out our ‘write for us‘ page.

I’ll leave you with a final photo that I took a few nights a go. I’m going to be using it, along with the header photo, on a ‘Week in Walks’ post on The Rooter later this week, but you all get to see them first.

Bye de byes,



P.S. You can always see more articles from The Rooter by scrolling on down to the footer…





A Early Evening Bike Ride

Sometimes, no words are needed.


captive sunlight beams

from within delicate spheres

as ephemeral as purest serenity

suspended in careless precision

upon a blade’s edge

It’s been a while since I posted anything more than a wordless photograph on my blog, so I thought it was about time I shared something a little longer. I decided a poem and a bit of a personal update would be the best idea.

Last time I wrote, my sister and I had just learned that our landlord was selling the house and that we needed to find a new place to live. Well, we’re now in our new home, and we’ve settled happily into our new village. I’ve already been on multiple walks, exploring the lanes around and about. I’m looking forward to many more – though I’ve not yet found anywhere quite like the meadow! I’m sure I’ll be posting a fair few photographs over the coming months.

I think I’ve mentioned in a number of posts now that my sister and I have been setting up a new website where we’ll be sharing positive environmental news. This will include inspirational stories about grassroots projects going on around the world, as well as information about discoveries and innovations, government policies, and the ways in which we can all make a difference in our own everyday lives. There’s also a section about how we can connect with nature. This is still an ongoing project.  With having to move house so unexpectedly it had to be put on hold for a while, but we’re now back on track. The site should now be properly up and running some time over the next week… if everything goes as planned.

This website, which is called The Rooter, has taken up most of my free time over the past six months or so – which is the main reason why I haven’t been on here very much. It will be good to finally go live with it, even if only because it will be nice to actually write for an audience again! We’ve always wanted our site to look ‘finished’ before we started getting visitors, so we’ve written a lot of material to fill all the different pages. Because the website hasn’t been live, they’re all unread by anyone other than us. Once we’re properly up and running, I’ll be reblogging some of the articles on here. We’d love for you to have a read.

Some of you may also have noticed that I’ve changed my blog’s appearance. I’m still tweaking this, so any feedback would be gratefully received.

That’s all for now. I’ll try to make it around to a few blogs, but if I don’t make it to you, please don’t take offence. I love you all.  ❤

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