Of Rainbows, Daffodils and Signs of Spring

On day 262 of 365 Days Wild I ventured out for a walk around the village lanes. It was a day of intermittent rain showers, and I left the house just as one was coming to an end and the sun was emerging. I was blessed with the sight of a beautiful rainbow that arched over the rooftops.

I spotted my first daffodils of the year in bloom beside a garden fence. Whilst there are also a couple of buds in the garden that look like they’ll be coming into flower in the next few days, these ones were fully out. Their wonderfully bright yellows and oranges added a cheerfully Spring-like feeling.

I briefly stopped at the entrance to the meadow and the Millennium Walk. There’s a lovely little clump of snowdrops by the wonky fence and the sun was bursting through the ivy. I just had to take some photos.

There were a number of leaf buds also starting to open on a few of the hedgerow trees.

I also spotted two different types of fungi in the hedgerow. The first of these might be Black Witches Butter (Exidia glandulosa) and the second might be Coral Spot (Nectria cinnabarina). As always, there are several similar species for both of these, so I could be wrong.

Have you been out on any nature walks recently? Let me know in the comments below.

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