Spring Blooms

For day 264 of 365 Days Wild I spent some time in the garden, enjoying the sight of the Spring flowers that are now all coming into bloom, taking over from the snowdrops and primrose that have dominated the space for the past month or so.

Firsty, there are lots of crocuses. These are mostly purple, though a few yellows can also be found. These are watched over by my little green man plaque, who tends to move around the garden depending on where the newest flowers can be found.

There are also a few irises scattered amongst them.

Finally, the daffodils have also just started to flower. A few days ago these were just green spears with a slight yellow swelling near their tips. Now the first of the heralds of Spring have appeared with their sunshine yellow trumpets.

These are all great plants for early pollinators so hopefully it won’t be long before there are bees and butterflies to be seen flitting between them.

Is it nearly Spring where you are, or are you approaching Autumn, or still caught in Winter or Summer extreme temperatures? Do you experience seasons as I know them at all in your part of the world? Let me know in the comments.

4 thoughts on “Spring Blooms

  1. How beautiful!
    Our climate is temperate- more like two seasons, rainy and chilly or dry and sunny. We are getting some spring flowers, though- crocuses, and the daffodils are getting ready 😊


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