Among Spring Blooms

On day 267 of 365 Days Wild I collected my first posey of the year from the garden.

I collected one of each different coloured crocus, plus two different hellebores, a snowdrop, a few different polyanthus, a dwarf daffodil and an iris. They

They are now in a jam jar on the kitchen window ledge.

Before they went into the jar, however, I thought I’d arrange them on paper for a few pictures.

It was a little bit later in the day when I spotted my first bee of the year in the garden. It buzzed past me and was gone too quickly for me to snap a photograph, or even to get a proper look at it. I have no idea what species it was. To immortalise the occasion I thought I’d draw a little bee picture and create a few different images using the posey flowers that I’d collected earlier.

How have you been connecting to nature recently? Let me know in the comments below.

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