The Joy of Daisies

caught in the gaze of

the day’s eye, watching with

the joyfulness of a youthful

heart aflow with wonder,

bound in chains of flowers,

hopefulness unrestrained

On day 277 of 365 Days Wild I spotted my first daisy of the year whilst out on a nature walk.

It was a very cloudy day. The only glimpse of the sun was shortly after dawn.

The sight out of my window drove me to leave the house and head out for a wander along the local lanes and footpaths in the company of my mum, Millie Thom. Unfortunately the sun then proved to be shy. It might have been a little disappointingly dull but the clouds were interestingly dramatic.

I spotted a few other interesting things along the way. There were a few patches of what looks like a composite flower such as Colt’s-foot, with buds that are on the verge of opening.

There was also a little red spider on a lichen covered branch in the hedgerow.

A few remnants of last year also caught my eye. I’m not sure what plant this is, but I found it quite fascinating.

Have you been out on any nature walks recently? Let me know in the comments below.

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