Away, Dark Winter


away, foul creature,

take your legions from my land,

for though she’s been beleaguered,

this fortress,

she still stands



away, foul demon,

remove your tendrils from my mind,

for such fear and negativity shall here

find no

breeding ground



away, dark Winter,

it’s time to let the light shine through,

for the Maid of Spring is dancing

and my land,

she begins to bloom

On day 259 of 365 Days Wild it felt like Spring. The bitter chill that has characterised the past week or so has finally given way to warm air, meaning that it was actually pleasant to be out and about.

I stopped to photograph lots of snowdrops along the Millenium Walk.

There were also a few new leaves to be found amongst the trees, though most of the buds are only just starting to swell. It won’t be long now until fresh green is everywhere to be seen.

Are there any signs of the changing seasons where you are? Let me know in the comments below.

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