Under the Yew

On day 275 of 365 Days Wild I spent some time sitting under the yew tree down beside the dyke.

It was another dull day, but it wasn’t cold so it was nice to just be outdoors for a while. There are two mature yew trees in the little woodland area, one right next to the dyke, and another 10m or so away. I think that the one by the dyke is male, and the other, female.

The yew is a dioecious species, meaning that the male and female flowers are on separate trees. The male yew usually flowers in March and April, though I actually noticed this one start to flower in mid February. I actually thought that I’d shared some pictures of them before, but it was only when I went looking to see what I’d said about them last time that I realised I hadn’t. The berries were on the other tree, the female, back in December. I did write a post about them.

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