The Beauty of Bird Cherry Blossom

On day 329 of 365 Days Wild I spent some time with the Bird Cherry trees that are growing in the corner of the meadow. I spotted the first of these trees just coming into flower the other week. The second, which spends longer in the shade of the hedge, has only just begun unfurling. … More The Beauty of Bird Cherry Blossom

A million trees for Moldova

Grassroots environmental groups in Moldova are working to reverse the effects of deforestation by increasing the country’s urban forest. Between the nineteenth and the end of the twentieth century, Moldova, a landlocked country in Eastern Europe, lost nearly 20% of its forest, reducing its forest cover to only 12%. This lack of trees makes it one of … More A million trees for Moldova

Sunlit Leaves

They hide amongst the sunlit leaves, with only hints of movement to betray their presence. If you watch carefully you might see a darting shape, there and gone in the blink of an eye. But listen. You can hear them: the swish of fluttering wings; the pattering of tiny footsteps on branches. And there – the tinkling of … More Sunlit Leaves

The Lovers

she leans into his strength knowing he’ll support her knowing the roots of their love are secure This post is for Cee’s Black and White Challenge. The theme is still trees as Cee is currently taking a well-deserved blogging break. The pictures are of a pair of trees that have grown together beside the stream, leaning out … More The Lovers

August 2016

During August I’ve again been photographing the wildflower meadow, wooded area and stream for Cardinal Guzman’s Changing Seasons Challenge. As usual I have far more pictures in my galleries than we’re asked to share, but I couldn’t bear to cut anything else out! With many of the flowers having withered away over the summer, leaving … More August 2016

Photography 101 – Bliss

Woodland Walk I walk… the woodland paths as autumn casts its golden charm. Releasing all negativity, Senses spread wide. I see… the trunks of mighty trees, branches stretching skyward, sifting morning sunlight as if through finest lace. I hear… cascading notes of birdsong, an air-borne symphony, complementing the rustling foliage of creatures passing by. I … More Photography 101 – Bliss