Photography 101 – Bliss

Woodland Walk
A woodland near the village of Eagle, Lincolnshire, UK

Woodland Walk

I walk…
the woodland paths
as autumn casts its golden charm.
all negativity,
Senses spread wide.

I see…
the trunks of mighty trees,
branches stretching skyward,
morning sunlight as if
through finest lace.

I hear…
cascading notes of birdsong,
an air-borne symphony,
the rustling foliage of
creatures passing by.

I smell…
old growth mouldering,
musky scents of moist decay,
stale earth with
promise of future richness.

I taste…
aromas carried on the breeze
of the season’s final fruits,
with hints of flavour
that enliven and refresh.

I feel…
the nip of frosty air
stroking unguarded skin,
winter’s approach
as daylight slowly thins.

I walk…
to the rhythms of
the natural world.

In those moments:

Today’s photo was taken on my phone (Samsung Galaxy s4) as I was out and about without my camera. I’m not entirely happy with it but I don’t want to use an older picture until I really need to!

The poem I’m even less happy with. If I wasn’t trying to post a new poem with every photograph for the 101 challenge, I’d keep it in my files for a few more days in order to polish it up and smooth out the rhythm – but I do want to post one every day so it’s going up as it is!

I’d love to know what you all think.


8 thoughts on “Photography 101 – Bliss

  1. This is fab, I don’t know why you’re not happy with it! I love forests, and I often take photos of them but it’s really difficult to take a photo that actually represents what you are seeing at the time… that’s why I think yours is so lovely!

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  2. It’s a beautiful picture, I really want to now visit that woodlands! I love the contrast between the strong greens and reds against the trunks and branches of the…oak? trees


    1. Thanks, I’m glad you like it. The wood isn’t that impressive in life – but it is on my route between my village and Lincoln, which is a bonus.


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