Consciousness Viewing life through the glassy sheen of material reality, its gaze remains consumed by a sweeping vista beyond mortal eyes. It is your double, existing upon a wider plain, reflecting infinitely onward. It is the owner of the voice that whispers behind your thoughts. It is pure energy, encompassing self It is you, to … More Double


       Divisions We draw lines, create walls and fences, borders, to divide the ground into mine and yours, claiming ownership of a landscape, of an Earth, that will persist long after our demise. Does it belong to me? To you? Can it belong to anyone? We are but a fleeting presence in an existence that … More Edge


     Rays As light reflects from surface to surface, a smile passes from face to face, a laugh echoes from voice to voice, love reaches from heart to heart and joy spreads from soul to soul. I had great fun playing around with candles and cut glass bowls. I hope you like the effect I … More Glass


Bee Awaken in shades of amber to a life of fertile creativity, performing the timeless dance for the queen, Mother of the hive. Defiant of earthbound laws, find harmony and take flight on diaphanous wings, following the entrancing essence in search of precious gold. I adore bees – I’ve always said that someday I will … More Treasure

Photography 101 – Weekend 3 – Detail in Architecture

Ageless Splendour See the beauty in the detail: each elegant curve, each fragile carving, all remnants of ages past. See how the smallest wonders are concealed in nooks and corners, every recess holding its secrets. See how nature seeks to reclaim: moss inching over stonework, birds making home anyplace they desire. See the efforts of … More Photography 101 – Weekend 3 – Detail in Architecture

Photography 101-Warmth

A Picture of Her Draw in lines of pure golden light, highlighting each smooth contour in swathes of gentle illumination, bringing warmth and emotion to an otherwise remote reflection of reality. Today’s challenge was to capture warmth using sunlight – not really possible here as we’ve had the most overcast day we’ve had in a … More Photography 101-Warmth

Photography 101 – Bliss

Woodland Walk I walk… the woodland paths as autumn casts its golden charm. Releasing all negativity, Senses spread wide. I see… the trunks of mighty trees, branches stretching skyward, sifting morning sunlight as if through finest lace. I hear… cascading notes of birdsong, an air-borne symphony, complementing the rustling foliage of creatures passing by. I … More Photography 101 – Bliss