life through the
glassy sheen
of material
its gaze remains
consumed by a
sweeping vista
mortal eyes.
It is your
existing upon a
wider plain,
infinitely onward.
It is the
of the voice
that whispers
behind your thoughts.
It is
pure energy,
encompassing self
It is
to the deepest
level of

woman soul

I’m quite fascinated by theories of consciousness. As part of my Open University degree I took  the course ‘Philosophy of the Mind’ and found all of the different ideas intriguing. Unfortunately the main focus was always on the physicalist approaches, which argue that consciousness is purely related to the physical body and without it cannot exist. Dualism – the theory that body and soul are separate entities –  is a theory, or so we were informed, with such big holes that it cannot be supported. When you consider that most religions follow a dualist approach, this is an interesting stance.  My own personal view is probably closest to one theory that we barely brushed upon – that a spark of consciousness exists in every particle in existence and that the level of consciousness relates to the way in which these particles interact in creating a physical form. It’s a theory I could probably tear holes in myself if I wanted but I don’t plan to do so any time soon. 😀  Here’s a link to a Wikipedia page on the subject if anyone wants to read a little more.

The two photos above were both taken using ornaments and a mirror. The first is one of a pair of African heads that my Grandfather brought back from his travels in the 1960s. The second is a figure that my sister bought me a few years ago.

Here are a few more photos taken today. As you can see, I had lots of fun with the pair of heads – though I did try to find a few other things!

heads aligned heads warmHeads non aligned  cow jugs boat

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  1. I love these images, very interesting take on todays theme.

    Nice to see you are a fellow OU Graduate. All the best people are 😉

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    1. Thank you. And I’m still working on my site. I need to set up different pages for my photography / poetry and my children’s stories / illustrations, etc. It’s good to know it’s liked. 😀


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