Wordless Wednesday: Sunset


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  1. is this close to where you live Louise? It’s like the whole sky is on fire. How beautiful to be able to sit and watch nature’s fireworks. thank you for sharing such a view .

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    • It was taken over the field behind our house. 🙂 We get some impressive sunsets around here with it being such a flat and open landscape – though this one was particularly spectacular! I’m glad you like it, Gina. 😀

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      • We’re right on the border between Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire, in the east of England, so the land here becomes increasingly flat as you head out towards the Lincolnshire Fens. The west of Nottinghamshire is quite rolling, heading towards the Peak District, whilst North Lincolnshire has the wolds. Here, unfortunately, it’s flat. I lived in Wales for a while and fell in love with the hills there. It took me a long time to rediscover my love for the flat landscape of my home area when I moved back over here. :S I still miss the hills, but there is beauty in the big skies and open fields. 🙂

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      • i guess once we have lived in an area for sometime the landscape becomes the familiar thing we look for as we return home even from a short trip, i grew up with wide open spaces and still long for big trees and running streams living in this over crowded suburb…but that’s a normal city in Asia….everything is too close together. i love the photos you post of the area around you, and you are right there is beauty everywhere and i try to find it in the parks around me.

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      • All we can ever do is try to find the beauty in the moment, wherever we may be. I used to live in the city of Lincoln. It’s not too bad, as far as cities go, but the lack of greenery was depressing. Luckily I had a park not far from my flat. I’m fortunate to be living in the countryside again now, where the beauty is much easier to see. I hope you manage to get back to your wide open spaces some day. 🙂

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      • i traveled a lot the last few years but am now back in malaysia for good, i especially loved the landscape in auckland , the green fields and big big trees as well as the coast always so close. thanks Louise for sharing a little of the things you love.

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    • Thank you, Elizabeth. 🙂 I adore nature and find photographing it to be a wonderfully therapeutic Palestine. I’m very glad you liked them.


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