Photography 101 – Connect

Engine 80072 passing through Grosmont, North York Moors Railway, UK

Vintage Connections

View through rose tints
a time of vintage splendour,
the long haul to connect,
the dirt,
the grime,
the hardship,
the narrow views of reality
permeating society.
A time before
before the immediate,
brushing of personalities.
A time before
the tap of a finger
could unlock wonders
to scholars of yesteryear.
A time when to connect required
a touch,
a smile,
a word,
a missive penned
in language
elegant or prosaic,
or a journey lasting days.
A time before
technological progression
reduced the distance

I spent quite a while trying to decide which angle to take with today’s theme: connection to people, connection to history, connections through transport, connections through the internet. In the end I think I covered all of them…


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