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A Letter from the Past

A Letter from the Past Emmaline hummed softly as she lifted the bundle of pages from the shelf, instinctively weaving magic to ensure the fragile sheets remained intact as she transferred them to the desk. Dust puthered in the air. She turned her face…

Wordless Wednesday: Vintage

Every Wednesday, all across the internet, bloggers post a photograph with no words to explain it. Here is mine.

One-Four Challenge: July Week Three

It’s time for week three of Robyn’s One-Four Challenge for July. For this week’s edit I began with last week’s black and white image and using Photoshop Elements 13 added a pen and ink filter. I shifted the levels slightly to bring out more detail in…

One-Four Challenge: March Week Three

Here’s my week three edit for Robyn’s One-Four Challenge. This challenge asks that you edit the same picture in four ways over four weeks. For this edit I opened last week’s edit in Camera Raw and slightly increased the exposure, highlights and shadows. I then cropped it using Photoshop Elements before…

Photography 101 – Connect

Vintage Connections View through rose tints a time of vintage splendour, the long haul to connect, disregarding the dirt, the grime, the hardship, the narrow views of reality permeating society. A time before superfast, before the immediate, ephemeral brushing of personalities. A time before…

Bealtaine Cottage, Ireland

Colette O'Neill... Environmentalist, Author, Publisher, Photographer. Creator of Goddess Permaculture.

The day's work

Creating a Meaningful Life

anima monday

Exploring our connection to the wider world

Carrot Ranch Literary Community

Wrangling literary arts for writers: words for people!


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