One-Four Challenge: March Week Three

Here’s my week three edit for Robyn’s One-Four Challenge. This challenge asks that you edit the same picture in four ways over four weeks.

edit 3
Week Three Edit

For this edit I opened last week’s edit in Camera Raw and slightly increased the exposure, highlights and shadows. I then cropped it using Photoshop Elements before opening it in FotoSketcher where I added a mid-strength vintage look with a low blur, moderate paper defects  and high sepia tone.

I spent quite a lot of time on this one trying out different ways to create the effect I wanted. After numerous hours of playing around in Elements, PicMonkey and several other random online photo-editors, I remembered that I’d downloaded FotoSketcher a few weeks ago. This was only my second time ever using it and I was quite pleased to find a drawing style setting that perfectly fitted my ideas.

Here’s the original and previous images for comparison:

Week One Edit
Week One Edit
edit 2
Week Two Edit

I hope you like it. Any suggestions for next week’s edit are gratefully received.



32 thoughts on “One-Four Challenge: March Week Three

  1. I like the grunge touch or texture on this. It adds atmosphere!! I always like sepia too. I also noticed his face more as though he is pausing for thought! I’m not sure if you saw mine this week 3 but it was a struggle that I think I might have overdone lol! But always a challenge!


    1. Thank you! Its the first time I’ve really added any texture to a picture so I’m glad it works – I’ve seen is used by other people (including you, I believe!) to great effect so I knew I wanted to try it out. 🙂 I haven’t been over to your’s yet. I’m currently working my way through them, though, so should reach you before too long! I look forward to seeing it. 🙂

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  2. I do like the sepia look. As the Dune Mouse said, it has atmosphere — especially the clouds. It looks as if it’s raining out at sea and heading for shore. I’m hopeless at editing photos, which is strange, because I used to develop my own black and white photos when I was a kid (12-14). LOL Now I don’t even have a decent camera.

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    1. I wouldn’t know where to start with developing actual film but I really enjoy digital editing – though I’m only just learning how to do it! This challenge is a great one to join in with if you ever feel like having a go. I know there are several people who take their pictures on iPhones, so a decent camera isn’t even necessary. 🙂 I’m very glad you like the edit. Thanks for visiting.

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  3. I’m a fan of FotoSketcher! Quite versatile effects… Quite a departure from the previous edit with the focus on the tractor & driver and the vintage look. Nice work Louise.

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