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Friday Fictioneers: The Summoning

This is my entry for this week’s Friday Fictioneers Challenge run by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. This week’s picture prompt was provided by Jennifer Pendergast The challenge is to write a story within 100 words. The Summoning  He awoke to sterile rooms and white-coated doctors. After seven years adrift in a…

Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Roadscapes

The lanes twist and turn across the countryside, crossing, merging and dividing as they skirt around fields and farmyards, winding in leisurely meanders in an intricate tarmacked maze. Muddied verges, puddled from recent rainfall, are torn and frayed by the tires of vehicles forced…

Photography 101 -Swarm 2

Dandelion Wandering with blissful disregard for boundaries, watch as they are carried wherever the wind will take them. Floating, they fill the air, a swarm of wingless creatures in search of a site for future proliferation. Drifting, they begin their journeys into the unknown….

Photography 101 – Mystery

Mysterious Path Where do you lead me, wandering path? Over a stile, through a gate. down a dapple lit track. What do you hide with your twists and turns? How might you hinder my journey? It’s a journey of a minute, or an hour,…

Photography 101 – Connect

Vintage Connections View through rose tints a time of vintage splendour, the long haul to connect, disregarding the dirt, the grime, the hardship, the narrow views of reality permeating society. A time before superfast, before the immediate, ephemeral brushing of personalities. A time before…

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