Photography 101 – Pop of Colour 2

A policeman on patrol in Hartsholme County Park


A Woman’s Fear

A frisson,
through nerve endings.
A sharp claw,
stealing your breath.
A slow spreading,
gelatinous mass
clogging your veins,
stealing away all sense
of safety.
Soon all that remains
is a nagging thought,
refusing banishment:
you’re not safe
What monsters of
lie in wait
in the shadows,
around each
twist in the path.
Like wolves,
can they smell your
burgeoning terror?
Can they hear
your heartbeat racing?
Where’s your hood,
Little Red?
Look out for
big eyes,
large hands
reaching from
Quicken footsteps to
outpace the fear.
Tell yourself
you’ll be fine.
You’ll be home soon.

Here is the second of my (belated) posts for Monday’s ‘pop of colour’ theme. You can find the first here. The sight of the policeman when I was out photographing was a very welcome one. Maybe I’m paranoid or maybe this is something that most women feel, but I’m always very nervous when I’m out and about in quiet places on my own – even in a relatively safe town like Lincoln!

As promised, here are a few more ‘pop of colour’ pictures that I quite liked, but which didn’t inspire me to poetry:

cloud 9 Jitty decorations

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