Photography 101 – The Natural World


From Autumn

the season’s hues,
an array of
golds and browns,
with flame like hints of
brighter shades,
hearts and minds
with memories of
summer’s lost radiance

the contours of nature,
stark and elegant,
with myriad detail to
entice and enthral,
reminders of the
spiralling year
as autumn eases
into winter.

the energies shifting
from life
through death
to untapped potential,
seeds sinking into earth’s
dark womb,
awaiting the sun’s return,
and the warming touch
of a longed for


9 thoughts on “Photography 101 – The Natural World

  1. This is a beautiful journey, the twirls and curls of this detailed image mixed with your thoughtful wispy words. My favorite line…”the warming touch, of a longed for, spring” gorgeous. I love to find inspiration from my images, poems come dripping out as I study an image. I always appreciate another someone finding similar inspiration! Thanks for following me, I will, of course, be following your lovely journey as well! Enjoy the weekend 🙂


    1. Thank you! I love writing the poems. This blog is the first time I’ve ever let anyone else read them – usually I write them and then leave them to just sit in a file on my computer. They also usually get editted and polished over and over again, not just written and shared!


      1. Me too! I didn’t even know I liked writing poetry until I started my blog a few months ago. But, I do enjoy it, and reading it too 🙂 Thank you for sharing!!

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