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A Place of Dreams and Magic

discover a hidden place of half remembered tales and adventures * a place that bears echoes from long summer days spent in the sun picking flowers and scrabbling through hedgerows with dirt under fingernails and dungaree knees torn and patched and stained * a…

Frost Maiden

blithe merriment glimmers on sunrays, teasing the land to awaken,  a youthful maiden dancing in innocent exuberance, with fresh blossoms scattered at her feet I’ve not managed to get out and about as much as I’d have liked to during February, having spent most…

A May morning in the orchard

On a sunlit May morning last week, before starting our work for the day, my sister and I paid a visit to Cross O’Cliff Orchard in Lincoln. An historical orchard concealed behind buildings in the middle of a residential area of the city, you…

Littleheath Woods: Croydon’s hidden green haven

It’s easy to think of a town or city and to picture a grey, lifeless area, covered in concrete, and absent of trees and plants. This may be the case for some places, but not Croydon. This large town in South London has a number of…

Innocent Blessings

New UK ‘Northern Forest’ plans announced

The UK Prime Minister Teresa May has this week announced that the UK government has pledged £5.7 million to create a new 62,000 acre forest in the north of the Britain. This is a fantastic start to 2018 and welcome news to conservationists, environmental…

November 2017

You wend your way across the meadow’s open expanse as the early sun casts its glow upon the toadstools and the tumbled leaves. The chill air catches at your throat as you breathe deep. Negativity disperses with the puther of each expelled breath…

Connecting Beyond

Beyond The Known

Bealtaine Cottage, Ireland

Colette O'Neill... Environmentalist, Author, Publisher, Photographer. Creator of Goddess Permaculture.

The day's work

Creating a Meaningful Life

anima monday

Exploring our connection to the wider world

Carrot Ranch Literary Community

Wrangling literary arts for writers: words for people!


watching the world of brain research

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