October 2017

Early Light Over Meadow 3

Newly shorn, the meadow lies bare now under the October sun, the golden trim giving accent to the surround of autumnal trees. The air holds a bitter nip that the early light is hesitant to dispel, but the clear sky promises pleasant hours ahead – a welcome change from the wet, windy and overcast days that have characterized the month so far.  The benches beckon you to sit, but the chill encourages you to continue your exploration.

Beyond the meadow, the woodland beckons.

Within the shelter of the trees, the light is filtered through a filigree of golden brown leaves, whilst the air is heavy with the scents of damp earth and decomposing vegetation – an aroma unique to the season. Birds sing from their concealment above. Underfoot, fallen leaves squelch, a moist mess after the recent rainfall.

Your senses absorb each fleeting stimulus, recharging your energy as you bathe in nature’s beauty. The sun rises higher in the sky. You know that you are now ready to face whatever the day might bring…

This post is for Cardinal Guzman’s Changing Seasons Monthly Photo Challenge. All of the pictures were taken on a single morning at the meadow. The weather during the rest of the month, unfortunately, didn’t inspire me to go out photographing. Or to leave the house at all, really…

I hope you like them.

9 Comments on “October 2017

  1. Beautiful, Louise. Stunning photos and the text is simply perfect – particularly the description of the woodland.

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  2. I love them…think I’d take along a cushion and snug coat so I could sit and admire for a while. 😀 Poetically written with great use of the senses, I can feel those leaves squelching!

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  3. Hi Louise, I always admire the lens through which you see the world in your surrounding. I agree the texr is simply perfect…..
    Loved reading it!!

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