Help save the UK’s ancient forests

The ancient woodlands of the British Isles are rich, complex ecosystems that have existed for hundreds of years. But now, despite ancient woodlands accounting for less than 2% of the UK’s land area, more than 700 ancient woods are under threat.

Ancient woods can have enormous biodiversity. They are home to a great number of rare and vulnerable animals and plants. Their soil has often remained untouched for hundreds of years, harbouring hidden communities of fungi, invertebrates and dormant seeds, and they are also areas of historical significance, providing a record of how woodland was used and relied upon in the past.

And right now, the building of houses, roads, quarries and railways (such as HS2), threaten to destroy what little we have left.

Once gone they can never be replaced, yet development projects are still allowed to nibble away at their edges, cut them in half or destroy them altogether.

Make your voice heard

The Woodland Trust has launched a campaign to ensure no more ancient woodland is lost. It needs your help to ensure that ministers making policy decisions that will directly affect the survival of these irreplaceable habitats make the right decision.


Help protect the remaining ancient woods of England.

Write to ministers and tell them to stop the madness.


Featured Image by By Krümelomat, via Wikimedia Commons