Red Sky in the Morning

When I opened my curtains on the morning of day 158 of 365 Days Wild I was met with the beautiful sight of a mottled pink sky. I hadn’t intended to head out for a dawn walk for a second day in a row, but how could I stay inside when it was looking like that? I quickly threw on some warm clothes and reached the edge of the village just in time to catch the first glimpse of the rising sun.

For most of the year I’m unable to see the dawning sun until I make my way around onto Plot Lane. I can only see it before then during a short window of time, which we’re now into. Yay! It was nice to have a different stretch of fence and hedgeline to photograph in the dawn light.

The sun wasn’t around for long, but I managed to snap a few interesting views before it vanished behind the bank of clouds.

With the light diminished I decided to wander down to sit beside the pond for a while and drink my morning coffee. The birds were singing and the squirrels were racing back and forth along the branches over my head. It was a lovely way to spend the morning.

Just as I was considering heading towards home, the sun attempted to make a brief reappearance. The autumnal golds of the little woodland shone gloriously in the light. I just had to snap a few shots before I left.

Later on in the day I decided to revisit the beauty of the dawn by creating a picture in soft pastel of the red sky that I viewed out of my bedroom window.

That’s all for today. What’s happening in nature where you are? I’d love to know.

Edit: I’ve just discovered after posting that this is my blog’s 1000th post! Woohoo!

7 thoughts on “Red Sky in the Morning

    1. Thanks, Joy. Sometimes I forget just how long my blog has been going for – though I’ve never before posted as regularly as I am at the moment. I’m currently on a 128-day streak!


  1. congrats on 1000! where i live, summer made a return and we have had temps in the 90s. but this weekend it is suppose to be much colder. up to a 40 degree drop in temps. so, since you have coffee in that cup it says coffee, but if you put tea in it, do the words change to “tea?’ lol

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    1. Thanks, Buddy! Hopefully the drop in temperature will make a pleasant change. Unfortunately, no, the word doesn’t change. Quite often I have to drink tea out of my coffee cup. It’s a sad state of affairs. Thanks for visiting and commenting. πŸ’šπŸ˜ŠπŸ’š


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