First Frost

The morning of day 157 of 365 Days Wild was forecasted to be clear, bright and cold, providing us with the first frost of the year as well as a sunny and still day. I was determined to get out and photograph it. I rose before dawn and made my way around the lanes to where I could see the rising sun.

The large field opposite the meadow, which is now filled with the new green shoots of its winter crop, was stained gold in the first of the day’s light. It looked quite otherworldly…

From the lane, I made my way onto the Millenium Walk, the little woodland path that runs alongside the meadow. There was lots of morning magic to be found on the path.

It was the frosty meadow that most drew me, however. The morning light over the frosted earth was such a beautiful sight.

I also found the juxtaposition of the warm autumnal oranges and golds with the chilly winter shades of the frosted grass to be particularly appealing.

The leaves – both those fallen from trees and the live green of low-growing meadow plants – looked quite stunning encrusted in nature’s sparkle.

Beneath the trees near the pond, where the frost hadn’t been able to form, there was beauty to be found, as well, though it was of morning light on golden leaves rather than Winter’s first touch.

The pond and the trees growing on its banks also looked lovely with the gilding effect of the light.

By the time I re-emerged from the trees much of the frost had already melted, though a few rapidly diminishing patches remained. It looked like there was some morning magic happening in the meadow, too.

Most of the toadstools seen to have disappeared now, but I did spot one in a frosty spot shortly before I headed home. There was some magic happening here, too, it seems.

What’s that? Lens flare…? Don’t be daft, it was fairies, of course.

That’s all for today! What’s happening in nature where you are? I’d love to know.