TLT: Grandma’s Wisdom

This post is for Sonya’s Three Line Tales.

Photo Prompt: Stephanie McCabe

Grandma’s Wisdom

Grandma always said that the thing to aim for was elegance, sweetly understated; that the magic lay in the simplicity. The ingredients might be plain but when blended they created a perfection no one could resist. She always got the feeling that Grandma wasn’t just talking about cakes.





18 thoughts on “TLT: Grandma’s Wisdom

  1. I get the feeling Grandma wasn’t just talking about cakes, and I think her advice is sound… Lovely story 🙂


  2. our older relatives have so much to share and love our company, i know they really love it when we just sit and chat with them, this story made me very nostalgic for my grandparents.


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