Sparrow Fledglings

Sparrow Fledglings on Dragonclaw Willow

I know I’ve been rather absent from my blog over the last week or so, and I apologise to everyone who’s comments I haven’t replied to. Unfortunately I seem to have fallen down the rabbit hole! I’ve read seven books of a series in a little over a week. And I still have several books to go. This is why I try not to pick up a new book too often!

Today I spent a little while watching a group of sparrow fledglings in the garden, so I thought I’d share the pictures I took with you. They were very cute.

In case anyone is curious, the author of the books that have well and truly captured my attention is Shelley Adina. The books are steampunk adventures, centered around the Lady of Devices, Lady Claire Trevelyan. They’re daft, but very fun, and well worth a read.

I’ll leave you with my final sparrow fledgling picture, taken as the last of them flew away over the fence.

Sparrow Fledgling 4

Hopefully I’ll be properly back on my blog soon. I just have a few more books to read first…

11 thoughts on “Sparrow Fledglings

  1. At least your reading! I have a way of buying books I’m interested in, especially if I like a certain author, but most get put on the back burner while I pursue other interests. 24 hours just isn’t enough hours in one day! 😟


  2. it happens to the best of Louise! once i get into a book and like an author i do the same, scrounge all the books i can find and read till my eyes water and no housework gets done…..but its a lovely world in books and we come out refreshed and filled with something better than before…..hope your reading continues to be enjoyable after summer is over too….gina


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