The Darkness Within

The Darkness Within bw

The light that poured in through her window was the only source of illumination in an otherwise dismal existence. They said her harsh treatment was deserved, that her idle ways had led to an inevitable conclusion. Only she knew just how hard she’d strived to avoid such a fate. She tried not to let bitterness consume her as she remembered the long days she’d spent seeking any work available, and the unpleasant tasks she’d undertaken for a few meager pennies. But the work had simply not been there – not for someone like her, without education or experience.

She held on to her sense of self-worth through the darkest times. Like the light through the window that brightened her days, hope cast its rays into her soul, giving her the strength to continue. Someday she’d be able to leave the bleak confines of the workhouse. With the new skills that had been thrust upon her, employment could surely would be found. Someday, she prayed, her life would be better.

let the light pour in

bright rays alleviating

the darkness within

Like last week’s picture, this is another photograph taken at Southwell Workhouse. If you’d like to know more about the workhouses of Victorian England, check out Millie Thom’s post here.

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  1. This is beautiful!
    And since you’re on monochrome, I guess I’ll challenge you for the Black and white photo challenge (check my first entry
    I chose you to be my first challenged blogger, because if we start today, we’ll be done by our birthdays, which happens to be on the same date… ;o)
    Hope that goes as a nice birthday gift, rather than an unwanted one.
    Good luck.

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    1. I haven’t received a photography challenge for some time now! I’m off work from now until after my (our!) birthday, so I have enough free time to accept your challenge. 🙂

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