Monochrome Monday: Lord of the Goats

wild energies flow channelled through fertile form the lord of the goats leaps in triumph leading the herd along paths of uncertainty This week's Monochrome Monday is another ornament in the house I share with my sister. This one came with my sister. It was given the name 'Lord of the Goats' by my nephew. [...]


Monochrome Monday: Gargoyle

as society celebrates surface artifice  masking ugliness beneath painted smiles pure hearts sculpted in gargoylesque form wither whilst awaiting their chance to fly This week's Monochrome Monday is the third of my series on the ornaments that are around the house I share with my sister. I've had this little gargoyle for a long time, but, as [...]

Monochrome Monday: Skinny Man

he stands watch the skinny man the benevolent guardian of hope's illumination * he stands ready the fearful man a repository for worriment consuming negativity This week's Monochrome Monday is the second in my series of posts showing some of the ornaments my sister and I have around our house. Some of them are rather odd... [...]

Monochrome Monday: Owl and Pussycat

attitudes diverge for harmonious journeys compromise required As those of you who've followed my blog for any time might know, last year my sister and I moved into a house together. In order to decorate our new place, we pooled all of the ornaments and random whatsits that we'd individually collected over the years. This [...]

Monochrome Monday: Is it Christmastime yet?

anticipation gathers  in electric frissons on the air  excited laughter mingling with the scents of pine needles and spices  as children follow the white rabbit into a magical wonderland for a date not to be missed This week's photos were taken at Doddington Hall, a stately home on the outskirts of Lincoln. Every year they decorate with a different theme. This [...]

Monochrome Monday: Fallen Leaves

fallen leaves lie scattered yesterday's doubts discarded insulating the seeds of hope through winter's long chill This week's pictures were taken at the meadow during November. I thought they looked different enough in black and white that I could use them despite having shared the coloured versions only a few days ago! I hope you like [...]

Monochrome Monday: Step by Step

gain insight in ascent awakening emotions stultified by society's strictures * gain closure in descent revisiting issues locked within subconscious crypts * gain wisdom with each step overcoming life's adversities so true joy can be found This week's pictures were both taken at Harlow Carr, an RHS garden in Yorkshire that I visited a few week's ago. [...]