as society celebrates surface artifice

 masking ugliness beneath painted smiles

pure hearts sculpted in gargoylesque form wither

whilst awaiting their chance to fly

Gargoyle 4

This week’s Monochrome Monday is the third of my series on the ornaments that are around the house I share with my sister. I’ve had this little gargoyle for a long time, but, as with many of my belongings, it was in storage for many years until I moved into our new place last year. I’d actually forgotten what I had in many of the boxes – including him! It’s nice to have him back out on display again.

Gargoyle 2

I hope you like the pictures.


4 thoughts on “Gargoyle

    1. It’s the effect of the lolling tongue. He’s pretty dog-like in appearance, anyway, and the tongue just makes you think of those dogs that leap up and drool all over you. Thanks for visiting and commenting, Ali. 🙂

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