Littleheath Woods: Croydon’s hidden green haven

It’s easy to think of a town or city and to picture a grey, lifeless area, covered in concrete, and absent of trees and plants. This may be the case for some places, but not Croydon. This large town in South London has a number of green spaces encapsulated within its urban sprawl. One of these is Littleheath … More Littleheath Woods: Croydon’s hidden green haven

Retreat to Hazel Hill Wood

In a beautiful, secluded woodland, seven miles from Salisbury, there is a unique facility that offers the peace and tranquility of a woodland setting within a selection of environmentally sustainable, off-grid, eco buildings. Hazel Hill Wood is home to the registered charity, the Hazel Wood Trust. The Trust’s aim is to promote well-being, resilience and sustainability: … More Retreat to Hazel Hill Wood