A Place of Dreams and Magic

discover a hidden place

of half remembered tales

and adventures


a place that bears echoes

from long summer days spent

in the sun

picking flowers and

scrabbling through hedgerows

with dirt under fingernails

and dungaree knees

torn and patched and stained


a place that whispers

of a time

when days passed by in

a haze of carefree exuberance

spent chattering with the plants

and the trees

and the fae creatures

to be found among them


a place that sparks a


thought lost amidst the

stresses of society’s expectations

but held preserved

deep within

by a crystalline coccoon

of pure magic


it is a place that simply

awaits an innocent mind

ready to dream again

When this poem was originally posted on my Instagram it was only six lines long. I only intended to play around with a couple of the words before posting it on here…

Here’s the original:

discover a hidden place of

half remembered tales long

since lost to the haze of

childhood held preserved in

purest magic as it awaits the

chance to dream again

Here are some more pictures from my last visit to the meadow, woodland and stream.

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