Dead Hedging

boundary lines marked

containing Earth’s wild spaces

guardianship claimed

Meadow Fence.jpg

This post is for Cee’s Black and White Challenge. This week’s theme is Letters A or B, and I decided to show pictures of some of the boundaries of the meadow and wooded area.

Woodland Fence

Both the first and last pictures show newly erected boundaries, as management of the wooded area has recently been taken on by the same couple – Kate and Ollie – who own the meadow. They’ve been putting in a lot of work to regenerate the area. The first picture shows a stretch of dead hedging, created from branches and other foliage gathered during pruning. This type of hedging provides habitat for insects, birds and animals, whilst also providing a barrier that blends far more naturally into the landscape than a fence. The gate in the final picture below takes you through onto their own land next door. I’ve been invited to go through the gate to photograph around their pond, though I haven’t done so yet.


I hope you like the pictures.



12 thoughts on “Boundaries

  1. Love the gate photo – it would be lovely to push open the gate and pass through to the wonders on the other side.

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  2. love the detail i see in your b&w Louise! sometimes colour distracts – like the boundaries you have shown by contrasting the light – am I right to use that term? or is it exposure? No photography skill here!


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