Changing Seasons 2016: May

This post is for Cardinal Guzman’s Changing Seasons photography challenge. This year I’m sharing a selection of pictures taken around my favourite place in the village – the wildflower meadow, wooded area and stream. I was determined to get this month’s galleries up before the end of the month! Don’t forget to click on the galleries to see the pictures in a larger size.

Here are a few photographs from around the meadow:

The change in the meadow over the course of the month has been very noticeable. In early May the dandelions were the main feature, changing from their bright yellow flowers to a host of delicate ‘clocks’ with only the occasional splash of colour and variety from red campion, forget-me-nots and daisies. Further flowers, however, appeared as the week’s processed: white campion, buttercups, tufted vetch, clover, cats ear (or possibly hawks beard) and birdsfoot trefoil – plus others that I was unable to identify!

Here are some closer views of the flowers:

Last month the bluebells were the central feature of the little area of woodland beside the stream. This month, with the canopy finally filling with greenery, the bluebells faded – though not before I managed to capture a few more shots. Focus instead shifted to the blossom on the trees and, in the last few days, to the rhododendron bush, bursting into glorious flower.

As well as flowers, this month has also seen an abundance of insect life. I tried my best to capture this but unfortunately little seemed to want to stay still long enough for me to take a picture! The butterflies are a perfect example. I decided to include the picture in the end as capturing even a slightly out of focus shot was a triumph with the two tiny creatures so constantly on the move! I also have lots of other pictures of out of focus bees and bugs that I thought I’d better not inflict on you… 🙂

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this month’s visit to my favourite place. If you’d like to compare the views now to those from previous months, you can follow the links below.




Just a final note for anyone who’s curious (and still reading) – after sorting through all of the photographs I took this month, I still had a 118 pictures to choose from for this post. Somehow (rather brutally) I managed to whittle it down to 34! Whilst this is still far more than the 5-20 the Cardinal asks us to share, I couldn’t bear to cut anything else out. This means, though, that I now have another 84 pictures sitting in my media file waiting for a chance to be shared…


35 thoughts on “Changing Seasons 2016: May

    1. It’s a place that definitely fires my imagination! I’ve written more sitting on the benches around the meadow than I have anywhere else. Thanks for visiting, Madeeha. 🙂

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    1. I’m glad you like it, Ali. 🙂
      Just thought I’d let you know that I’m going to be in Cornwall next week, along with my mum and dad. Let me know if you fancy meeting up for a drink. We’re staying in Newlyn. 😀

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      1. Yeah, that sounds cool! I’m a bit behind here – is “next week” “this week” now? You should have my email address from my comments, if you’d like to drop me a line.


      1. It turned into a meadow fairly quickly then. Very nice! There aren’t enough of them around anymore. We use to have a beautiful meadow only a few blocks from me but sadly, they turned it into a housing development. 😦

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      2. It’s been a wonderful transformation to watch. 🙂 Too many wild spaces are being turned into housing developments. It’s always sad to see.


      3. It does. On the other hand, I don’t know what it’s like in the US but here in the UK there’s a shortage of affordable housing and very little land left to build on. If the meadows are all left as meadows, then where do people live…? What probably bothers me more is when you see yet another development of houses going up that are way out of the majority of people’s price range. That is purely money winning the fight!
        Luckily our meadow was donated to the village in an old farmer’s will and cannot be sold.


      4. That’s true. Affordable housing is needed. Here, the housing are all fairly high priced and I’m pretty sure the money off the sell of this meadow talked a whole lot louder than the pretty meadow. (In case you can’t tell I am still upset over it. LOL)

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    1. Thank you! I’m currently working through the mountain of photos I’ve taken this month. Hopefully I’ll have another Changing Seasons post up this week. 🙂

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