CB&W: The Lovers

The Lovers b and w 4

she leans

into his strength

knowing he’ll support her

knowing the roots of their love are


The Lovers b and w 3

This post is for Cee’s Black and White Challenge. The theme is still trees as Cee is currently taking a well-deserved blogging break.

The pictures are of a pair of trees that have grown together beside the stream, leaning out over the water. It’s these that the little ladder leans against. I love how the larger tree seems to support the smaller one as it leans at an insecure angle, its branches wrapped like arms around it. I named them ‘The Lovers’ as soon as I spotted them and their embrace.

I hope you like them.


22 Comments on “CB&W: The Lovers

  1. Big trees always intrigue me….these two are a rare find…..nice photo Louise and the little story that went with it describes them perfectly.

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    • Thanks, Gina. I love this pair of trees – though I’d spent hours sitting under them before I actually realised it was two trees and not just one! I’m glad you like the poem, as well. 🙂 Thanks for visiting.

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      • i have such a passion for large trees, there offer such comfort and are a real source of inspiration. I imagine its so peaceful and dreamy to sit under those trees and just think and write or just be.


  2. beautiful harmony of image and words! I haven’t forgotten you, I had to take a break while moving!! Thanks so much for your visit!!

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    • I’m very behind on visiting blogs as well. I took an unplanned blogging break of several weeks when I discovered a new author (I couldn’t stop reading until I’d read all ten books in the series!). I finally returned only for our internet connection to die… Hopefully I’m back properly this time.
      I hope you’re settling in well. I look forwards to seeing photos of your new area. 🙂

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      • thank you Louise. I am going at a snail’s pace at the moment. I just put up a few new shots but I have not had much time!


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