Of Cloudy Skies and Stitchwort Flowers

Day 313 of 365 Days Wild I walked out beneath cloudy, ominous skies.

I took very few photos whilst I was out as the light was generally poor. I did, however, stop for a little while beside the sandy bank at the bottom of the meadow where the first of the Greater Stitchwort (Stellaria holostea) is coming into flower.

Other names for this flower include Adder’s Meat, Star of Bethlehem, Snapdragon, Daddy’s Shirt Buttons, Stinkwort, Wedding Cakes, Milkmaids and Brassy Buttons. Its most well known common name, Stitchwort, comes from its use in traditional herbal remedies for the pain of a stitch in the side.

It can be found growing on roadside verges and in hedgerows, as well as in deciduous woodland, and is a great source of nectar for many bees, butterflies and flying insects during the spring.

Have you been out and about recently? Let me know what you’ve spotted in the comments below.

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