Break-time Wildflowers

On day 360 of 365 Days Wild I went searching for wildflowers in the grass outside the play area in which I work.

After having had most of the last year off, it’s been a bit of a shock to the system to return to work again. Whilst it’s been nice to see everyone and to actually interact with people again, I’m definitely missing being able to spend so much of my time out of doors. On my break I was straight outside and could soon be found crawling around in the grass. There were lots of wildflowers (not weeds) to be found.

There were buttercups.

And daisies.

There was a lovely big patch of Germander Speedwell (Veronica chamaedrys).

There were a few sprigs of Common Vetch (Vivia sativa).

And there was also some Cut-leaf Cranesbill (Geranium dissectum) – which is the third type of Cranesbill that I’ve spotted recently.

How have you been connecting with nature recently? Let me know in the comments below.

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