Remembrance of Bluebells

Back at the beginning of the UK’s coronavirus outbreak in late March and early April the bluebells were in flower down in the little woodland area beside the meadow. Having lots of free time in my hands, I began one of the most complex felt and embroidery pictures that I’ve yet attempted.

It began with this drawing:

My original intention was to complete it for the end of June’s 30 Days Wild. That didn’t quite happen. I wasn’t even half way through when we reached the end of the month! I’ve continued to spend some time each day working on it when possible, though I’ve had the occasional week where I realised I hadn’t looked at it at all.

On day 108 of 365 Days Wild and decided to forgo my usual nature walk and decided to make a concerted effort to complete it. And I did. Yay!

While I say now that it’s finished, I know myself well enough to know that I’ll almost certainly pick it up and play around with a few parts of it again.

Here are a few close ups:

If I were to do this type of scene again, my methods would probably be different. This one is a bit too fussy. Next time, more felt, less embroidery I think.

I now need to think about what project to start next…

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