Hedgerow Bugs

On day 109 of 365 Days Wild I  went bug hunting along the meadow hedgerows.

The highlight of my outing were the two male Gold Chaser Dragonflies (Sympetrum striolatum), both if whom posed nicely in the sun for photographs. There was at least one female about, as well, but she didn’t seem to want to have her photo taken and settled high up in the hedge.

There were also lots of flies about. I attempted to identify these, but with little success. Click on the gallery below to see any IDs. There are over 100,000 species of known fly and many of them are only distinguishable from one another under a microscope. I mainly use the NatureSpot website for identifying the little creatures that I spot while I’m out and about. It’s a good website but it doesn’t include everything, only things spotted in Leicestershire and Rutland. I’m based in Nottinghamshire, a neighbouring county, so many of the species that I find are the same and so can be found in their lists, but not everything. I really need to invest in some good books…

The 7-Spot Ladybirds (Coccinella septempunctata) were spotted in a huddle of six or so, hidden in amongst the spiky bramble growth.

There were also quite a few Speckled Wood Butteflies (Pararge aegeria) about, though most of them flew off as soon as I was close enough to snap a picture. Two of them were kind enough to hold still just long enough.

Here are a few other little creatures that I spotted. Again, some have been identified, others have not, just click on the gallery to see.

That’s all for today. Have you spotted any little creatures while out on a nature walk recently?

One thought on “Hedgerow Bugs

  1. My goodness. You were very patient and they were very accommodating. The wings of these magnificent creatures always fascinate me. They are masterpieces of nature. I’ve read several articles where mathematicians have tried to categorise the construction. I just think they are marvellous!


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