Woodland Magic

enter a place

where fae spirits laugh

amidst glimmers of wintry light,

otherworldly voices murmuring

secrets of the turning seasons,

a crown of holly awaiting

the time of the oak

On day 236 of 365 Days Wild I spent some time in the little woodland area beside the pond and dyke.

It was mid-morning when I was there, the golden hour over, but the light was still beautiful. It created some interesting lens flare for a few shots, which I always like. It adds a magical element to pictures without having My new phone camera isn’t quite as prone to it as was my old one.

There was a robin singing in the trees overhead but it was determined to remain hidden, despite my attempts to pinpoint its location.

I did, however, spot several squirrels as they scurried along the branches.

I spent quite some time with the small ferns that grow along the bank of the dyke. There aren’t many of these yet. They were planted only a year or two ago, and many of their fronds were picked by some village children who, I’m told, used them for the roof of their fairy house, not realising the damage that they were doing. I’m all for encouraging children to play in nature, but sometimes…. Anyway, it’s good to see that the ferns have managed to make a bit of a come back.

How have you been connecting with nature recently? Let me know in the comments below.