In the Lull

Day 210 of 365 Days Wild fell in the lull between Christmas Day and New Year. I felt the need to both burn off a few of my seasonal overindulgences and to reconnect with the rhythms of nature, so I took a walk down to the meadow.

Nature is currently in the restful winter lull between Autumn’s fiery magnificence and Spring’s hopeful rebirth, the branches bare of leaves. A few shoots and signs of new growth are starting to appear, but it is still a landscape dominated by evergreen – which I’ve already spent a lot of time photographing during the run up to Christmas.

My eye was caught by a few little things: a droplet catching the light where it clung to a branch in a hedgerow; a clump of lichen on a twig.

There were still a few little Scurfy Deceivers growing along the meadow paths. Despite how many of these I saw back in Autumn, I couldn’t resist stopping to photograph them again!

Even when the meadow is devoid of flowers, I still like to sit on the benches along the meadow path and listen to the singing of the birds. It was a bit chilly sitting there, but I had my take-out cup filled with hot tea to keep me warm. It’s a wonderfully relaxing way to spend some time.

Before I turned for home, I wandered down to the pond. The recent rain from Storm Bella has filled the pond and dyke almost to their brim, though fortunately the storm didn’t strike as fiercely here as it did in some parts of the UK. Hopefully we won’t have any more storms rolling in soon and the water level won’t rise any higher…

That’s all for today. Have you been out on any nature walks recently? Let me know in the comments below.

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