Walk the Loop

On day 210 of 365 Days Wild my daily walk was a loop around the village lanes. It had been overcast all day but, not long after I left the house, the clouds broke apart and the December afternoon sun shone through.

My loop took me past the entrance to the meadow and little woodland. It was looking beautifully magical, with sunbeams illuminating the path, but I managed to resist entering. I always love to visit the meadow but I also like to capture a few slightly different views every once in a while!

It wasn’t long before sunset colour began to stain the sky. The trees along the hedgerows created so.e lovely silhouettes.

The view of the sky was obscured once I was back within the village itself, however but I caught a final view of the sunset from the bottom of the garden before I headed inside. The colours were beginning to face by then but there were enough to give a little interest to the sky.

That’s all for today. Are there any lanes that you like to walk along, or are there any places from which you like to watch the sunset? Let me know in the comments.

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