Golden Afternoon

On day 211 of 365 Days Wild I went out for a late afternoon walk along one of the lanes that leads out of the village. This route runs through farmland that was lit by the golden light of the final hour before sunset.

I actually made my first stop before I even left the village, when I noticed a clump of what I think are Glistening Inkcaps (Coprinellus micaceus) growing amongst lots of lovely new green shoots beside a wall.

I also called into the playing field on route to the lane. I was particularly drawn by the hedge in which I was amazed to spot some clusters of flower buds. I was even more amazed to spot some of the tiny blossoms already open. I have no idea what hedging plant this may be, so if anyone recognises it, please let me know.

The picnic table in the corner of the playing field also caught my eye. What looked like little orange balls of slime were scattered across the damp wood. I think these are Common Jelly Spot (Dacrymyces stillatus), though Dacrymyces variisporus is very similar in appearance, so it’s hard be certain without further investigation.

The golden light steadily strengthened as I walked down the lane, as the sun edged ever closer the the horizon.

The sunset wasn’t as colourful as some that I’ve seen recently, but it was still wonderful to watch. The golden tones shifted imto richer oranges before dissipating into the approaching night.

That’s all for today? Why not let me know how you’ve been connecting to the natural world around you in the comment section below.

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