Now We Wait

now we wait

for the lengthening day,

for the strengthening sun,

for the warming breeze;

and now we wait

for the tender new shoot,

for the innocent bloom,

for the unfurling leaf;

so now we wait

On day 223 of 365 Days Wild I awakened just as dawn began to colour the sky. The view to the east was a beautiful display of orange and yellow when I opened my curtains; the sky to the west was stained pink over the field behind our house.

I didn’t waste any time before throwing on some nice warm layers and getting out onto the frosty lanes. The sun was just starting to rise as I left the house.

It was a lovely early morning to spend in the meadow and down by the pond.

I say for a while on a bench by the path, watching the sun as it lifted higher in the sky and the light glinted off the frosted ground. The chorus of birdsong as the blackbirds and the robins serenaded the dawn was a wonderful accompaniment.

There are so many benches around the nature project that I was spoilt for choice as to where to sit.

I’ve photographed the frosty leaves underfoot a few times recently, but nothing quite matches the sight of them in the dawn light so I couldn’t resist photographing them again.

All in all, it was a beautifully inspiring morning to be out and about.

That’s all for today. Have you been out and about recently? Let me know in the comments below.

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