Apricot Skies

On day 222 of 365 Days Wild I wandered out in afternoon light that tinted the wintry landscape with tones remiscent of fresh summer apricots. I left the house for the golden hour, as the sun sank steadily closer to the horizon.

It’s very easy to get out for the pre-sunset golden hour at this time of year, as sunset occurs at 4:07pm. I’m looking forward to longer days with warm evenings ahead. The winter won’t last forever, but I’ll enjoy the chilly beauty while it lasts.

My daily walk took me around the lanes to the hole in the hedge, through to the meadow. This entrance to the meadow has always been my favourite one. There’s something reminiscent of childhood dens in hedgerows, of the youthful joy of discovery and adventure, that awakens every time I pass through it.

The combination of frosted green and sunlit golds to be found in the meadow was a wonderful treat.

The light down by the pond was also particularly delicious where it reflected on the water.

The apricot tones had deepened by the time I returned to the meadow.

I was tempted to sit for a while on one of the benches at the meadow’s edge, but the sun was close to the horizon by this time and I like to reach the place where the three lanes meet for sunset when possibly. I did, however, snap a few pictures of the sun-bathed bench before I moved on.

I left the meadow and reached the place where the three lanes meet shortly before sunset. I watched, and photographed, the sun complete its descent over the fields to the west of the village as I made my way towards home.

That’s all for today. Have you been out and about recently? Let me know in the comments section below.

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    1. I’m sorry to hear that, Peter. I hope you’re feeling better soon and can get back out and about. I’ll undoubtedly be posting enough pictures for you to walk the lanes vicariously through me until you do. 😊

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