Snow Day

Day 227 of 365 Days Wild was a snowy day in our Nottinghamshire village

At first it looked like it was going to be a day of rain and sleet, but as we neared lunchtime the sleet turned to snow. The fields were quickly covered in the cold white stuff. I snapped my first few pictures of the day from an upstairs window of the view over the field behind our house. Unfortunately, the sheep were nowhere in sight.

It took much longer for the snow to settle on the pavements and roads than it did in the fields. By the time I was out and about for my daily walk around to the Nature Project the village lanes were a sea of slush.

There were some beautiful snowy views to be found along my way.

I particularly liked the draped snowcicles that could be spotted in the hedgerows.

My walk took me down to the Nature Project where I enjoyed the sight of the meadow, woodland, dyke and pond dusted in snow.

My favourite set of snowy photographs from the day were actually taken in my garden. The only footprints to be seen were mine and those of the garden birds. I think they were mainly from the blackbirds, who constantly run back and forth across the garden, chasing each other away from their territories, and occasionally stopping to feed.

That’s all for today. Has it been snowy where you are, or are you in the middle of a heatwave?Let me know in the comments below.

7 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. i like the bird footprint photos. snow….bbbrrrrr…. fyi…it has been sunny and warm here the last 2 days (thurs/friday). both days have been in the 80s! and we are in for more very warm weather all weekend.


  2. Lovely photographs, especially the first with the well placed horse. Since we have been living in the New Forest we have only once seen such snow.


    1. The snow here never seems to last for long enough. It’s no sooner settled than its turning to slush and melting away. I’m glad you like the pictures. Thanks for visiting, Derrick. ๐Ÿ’š

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