Final Dawn 2020

The final day of 2020 was day 213 of 365 Days Wild, and with dawn still being at 8:06am, the latest time that it occurs, I was determined to get up and out of the house in time to enjoy it.

The sky to the west was beautifully pink when I left the house and the moon, only a day past full, was still visible. The temperature had dropped to -3 overnight, leaving behind a frost that turned the landscape around the village into a winter wonderland.

Whilst it was a lovely, crisp morning, there was little in the way of interesting colour to the eastern sky at dawn. I watched the sun rise through the hedgerow before I headed into the meadow.

The light and the frost on the meadow were beautiful.

I spent some time simply sitting and enjoying the morning. I had my take-out cup filled with coffee with me, and it was perfect for warming me up from the inside out.

I snapped a few pictures of the pond whilst I was down at the bottom of the meadow.

By the time I came out from amongst the trees a mist had risen, the result of the thin winter sun attempting )unsuccessfully) to melt the frost.

The addition of the mist made the lanes look very different as I walked home.

That’s all for today. Happy New Year, everyone.

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    1. Thanks, Derrick. I love getting out early, though I don’t manage it quite as often as I’d like. I’ve worn fingerless gloves for years, though I have to pair them with handwarmers that I can curl my fingertips up against! I bought a pair of touch-screen gloves a few years ago but they didn’t really work.

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