Fading Beauty

old daisy

weary bloom withers

past beauty soon forgotten

life yet lies ahead

crone’s wisdom cradled within

next generation’s promise

old daisy 4

26 thoughts on “Fading Beauty

  1. i like this touching line “crone’s wisdom cradled within” so many older people take their wisdom with them as no one wants to hear their old musty story….beautiful poem Louise!


    1. I rarely get the chance to see them like that in the garden. As soon as they start to wilt they get dead-headed! I love to see the ageing flowers down at the meadow, though, following their natural life cycles. 🙂 Thanks for visiting, Ali.


  2. Fantastic. You made dried flowers appear fresh and beautiful. Ever thought about making a photography book of your photos?

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    1. Thanks, Mandi. I’m glad you liked them. 🙂 I have actually been thinking of putting together a book that combines poetry and photography, but I’ve got several other things I want to finish first. I have a dreadful habit of starting something new before I’ve completed my previous project!

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