Golden Captures

On day 220 of 365 Days Wild I unfortunately missed the best part of the day, the frosty morning, as I was awaiting the arrival of my new phone. By early afternoon it was in my hand and all set up, ready to go. As my photography has been phonography for the last few years, my main concern was how the camera worked.

I’ve struggled with my old phone for quite some time now. Half of the screen tended to regularly fail, the memory was so small I would run out of space several times during a walk, and, even when it was still new and working well, the white balance and the captured colours was never right. But it was so much lighter than my DSLR that when my back problems grew, it was at least light enough for me to be able to carry. My back has improved a great deal now, but I’ve grown very used to relying solely on my phone!

So far my new phone (which is an Huawei P30lite) captures the colour that I see far more accurately than my old Samsung.

I was out in the afternoon, as the light turned golden down by the pond.

There was still some frost on the ground, though most of it had lifted. The moss that grows on a tree stump down by the pond was beautifully frosted.

The old, damp leaves in the meadow were crisp and edged in white.

I stopped for a while by the gate to the paddock next door to the meadow to enjoy the sight of the sun as it sank towards the horizon. I’m quite happy by the way the camera captures both the colour of the sky and the detail in the foreground, which the old one really struggled to do.

By the time I reached the corner where the three lanes meet, the sunset colour was already starting to fade. I snapped a final few pictures just to see how the new phone handles the half-light. The answer is, far better than the old one. Overall, I think I’m going to be quite happy with the new phone camera. I hope every one else like the pictures, too.

That’s all for today. What’s happening out in nature where you are? Let me know in the comments below.

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