January Nature Walk

My nature walk in day 219 of 365 Days Wild took me down to the meadow and to the pond.

At this time of year the meadow doesn’t have anything of obvious interest to draw me away from the outer path, but occasionally I like to wander into the middle to look a little bit closer. The young sweet chestnut tree shed lots of nuts this year. I was amazed by how many of them were still present on the ground under the tree. It seems that the local squirrels and birds haven’t found them yet!

I collected a handful of the nuts and left them in the bench by the pond, which is an area of the nature project that the squirrels and birds visit far more frequently.

I also spotted a number of little orange toadstools whilst I was under the Sweet Chestnut tree. These are probably Scurvy Deceivers (Laccaria laccata), though there are several similar species.

The sun was lowering in the sky when I was down beside the pond and the clouds were starting to gain a few pink and gold tones. The reflections on the water looked beautiful.

The sky to the east, viewed over the meadow, was dominated by a lovely pink cloud bank. The light through the hedgerow was deliciously golden.

I watched the rest of the sunset as I walked home.

That’s all for today. Are there any green spaces in your area that you like to visit? Let me know in the comments below.

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