As the Wild Winds Blow

exult in the power of the wild

spirits of the air as they scour

through with cleansing fervour,

driving clear the rotting debris

of days past and reinvigorating

lives weary of long isolation

On day 233 of 365 Days Wild I wandered out along some very grey, and windy, lanes.

Storm Christoph has been battering the country with torrential rain and high winds, but, compared to many other places we’ve actually been very fortunate. The River Trent has broken its banks in several places but our village is far enough away from the river, and high enough in elevation, to be unaffected. Even the flood warnings end halfway along the lane between us and our neighbouring village, which is reassuring – particularly as the Trent isn’t expected to reach peak fullness for another day or so, when the rain that has filled the Derbyshire rivers flows downstream…

Anyway, I managed to fit my walk in between rain showers. Some people might find it a little strange just how much I enjoy being out in windy weather. Once I stop huddling down against it and instead open myself up to feel it’s full power, I find it quite invigorating. I spent always little while in the meadow, simply enjoying the strength of the wind.

Have you had any interesting weather to walk out in recently? Let me know in the comments below.

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